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"Men are from earth, women are from earth--just deal with it."
-Aunt Meg

Dear Aunt Meg,

I'm an Agony Aunt currently working in the health field, and on commercial radio, seeking to expand my field in order to make ends meet due to one of Life's little crisis. Loads of experience, works well under pressure!!

How do I do it, Meg?

Dear Health Field,

If you're living up this way it's still hard to expand outwardly in a lot of fields but perhaps you could get hired onto a Stress/Crises management team with one of the big businesses.........I'm sure the local air traffic controllers could use some stress management (and there are also alternative health management clinics who need someone of experience but not necessarily a licensed psychologist). The other choice is of course to return for more schooling and get the degree needed to increase your standing in the field (or is that out standing in the field?) Maybe you should create your own company to help executives deal with all the weight on their'd be cheaper for them than buying a sailboat (and no docking fees to pay either). Meanwhile, it's summer and I heartily recommend you go hang out around the nightspots near the never know what kind of dream merchant might sail into your harbor. Anchors Away!
Aunt Meg
Agony Aunt
Aunt Meg is no longer taking letters but you may read the ones she has answered.

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