Northern Michigan is home to many outstanding writers and artists of all sorts. Come with us as we enter their worlds, see through their eyes and hear their strong voices.

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[-}]From Above: Sleeping Bear by Jim Anderson

[-}]From Above: The Manitou Islands by Jim Anderson

[-}]From Above: Traverse City by Jim Anderson

[-}]From Above: Mackinac Island by Jim Anderson

[-}]NMJ's Art Page

[-}]NM Artist Profile: Will Case

[-}]NM Artist Profile: Cece Chatfield

[-}]NM Artist Profile: David Grath

[-}]NM Artist Profile: Nancy Stuck

[-}]NM Book Excerpt: Mystic Michigan by Mark Jager

[-}]NM Book Excerpt: The Fox Islands by Kathleen Firestone

[-}]NM Book Excerpt: The Bird in the Waterfall by Glenn Wolff & Jerry Dennis

[-}]NM Book Excerpt: Nature Baroque: Snowflakes & Crystals by Glenn Wolff & Jerry Dennis

[-}]Cabin Fever! by Gwen Foor

[-}]Sleeping Bear Dunegrass & Blues Festival

[-}]Lois Beardslee: Earth's Daughter by Jim Rink

[-}]NMJ Young Writers: Rainey Zeits

[-}]NMJ Fiction: The House at the End of the Road by Andrew L. McFarlane

[-}]NMJ Fiction: Cyberball by Andrew L. McFarlane

[-}]NMJ Fiction: The Fish Famine by Dan Foley

[-}]NMJ Fiction: Golden Bones by Andrew L. McFarlane

[-}]NMJ Fiction: Trick or Treat by Andrew L. McFarlane

[-}]Persistence of Vision: The Glen Arbor Artists

[-}]A Circle of Music by Gwen Foor

[-}]Grandma's Gift by Gwen Foor

[-}]River Song by Gwen Foor

[-}]Uncle Art by Gwen Foor

[-}]Winds of Change by Gwen Foor

[-}]Harvesting Berries...Harvesting Hearts by Gwen Foor

[-}]All That Jazz: The Suttons Bay Jazzfest

[-}]NMJ Christmas Music Picks

[-}]NMJ Poetry: Ripening by Duncan Sprattmoran

[-}]NMJ Poetry: Reflections on Cumberland Island by Gwen Foor

[-}]NMJ Poetry: Maggie Figgis

[-}]NMJ Poetry: Island Sestina by Kathleen Firestone

[-}]Reflection: Historian Al Barnes

[-}]NMJ Music Review: Horndance by Song of the Lakes

[-}]NMJ Music Review: Highly Symbolic by the Ron Getz Trio

[-}]NM Book Review: Flight of the Reindeer by Robert Sullivan with drawings by Glenn Wolff

[-}]NM Book Review: The Echoes of L'Arbre Croche by Donald Johnston

[-}]Decoy Carver Jack Teegarden by Mike Modrzynski

[-}]Glen Wolff by Andrew L. McFarlane

[-}]The Tour by Anna Jonsson

[-}]My Old House by Rainey Zeits

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