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Thank you for providing this weekly newsletter! I truly love the entire Leelanau Peninsula, visiting each summer. We hope to retire to the Peninsula within the next five years. With the tons of e-mail I receive each week, "This Week in Leelanau" is one that I always look forward to reading!

- Steve K.

In 2001, the pressures of a booming business designing web sites and raising a family told NMJ publisher Andrew McFarlane that something had to give. That something (unfortunately) was Northern Michigan's first online magazine.

Up above and down below are links to things on Leelanau.com that are updated like our daily news blog and photos & backgrounds for your computer.

We also made a web site called Absolute Michigan that will feature articles from some of the folks involved with the Northern Michigan Journal and a ton of links to Michigan web sites. Why not have a look.

You can also read our archives, either by year (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001) or season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). Thanks for stopping by.

-Andrew McFarlane
Editor NMJ
[Northern Michigan Journal Winter Favorites]

The Island by Mark Smith

The Dunes in Winter by Jerry Dennis

A Hundred Trees by Anna Jonsson

Aliens Ate My Dinner by Andrew L. McFarlane

Old Harry by Phil Ropp

The Stupid Pursuit of Bay Hockey by Larry Franks

The Path Always Taken by Duncan Sprattmoran

Winter's Touch by M.A. Michaels

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