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"Just what do you do up there anyway?" is a common question for residents of northern Michigan when they travel. Find out as we bring you the people we know, the places we go, the food we eat and more.

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[-}]Agony Aunt by Meg Davis

[-}]Antique Apples by Andrew L. McFarlane

[-}]The Bioregional Kitchen by Steven Schwarz

[-}]The Boyne River Brewing Company

[-}]Field of Dreams in Leelanau County by Jim Rink

[-}]Exquisite Edibles by Andrew L. McFarlane

[-}]A Part of the Water: Kayaking Lake Michigan

[-}]The Leelanau Cheese Company

[-}]Lodging Profile: Aspen House

[-}]The Strategies of March by Duncan Sprattmoran

[-}]The Mission by Jim Rink

[-}]The Mountain Journal by Chris Fisher

[-}]If George Orwell Had Long Distance Service by Ross Blanchard

[-}]Sugar Blues by Jane Louise Boursaw

[-}]The Path Always Taken by Duncan Sprattmoran

[-}]Stone House Bread

[-}]Tonkin Cane: Rod Builder Robert W. Summers

[-}]Ride Into the Past: On the Road With the Sleeping Bear Trekking Co.

[-}]The Young Ones by Cathy Mason

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