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Northern Michigan land is one rich in natural bounties. From the Jordan River Valley to the hills of Benzie County, the Sleeping Bear Dunes to Torch Lake, Grand Traverse Bay to the Pere Marquette forest, there is a certain in every farm and forest. It is a beautiful land, but one beset by forces that could one day ruin it. Traverse City and smaller towns grow by the day and as more are drawn to the area, ever more difficult demands are put upon it. Growth will come and the question becomes not how to stop it, but rather how to shape it, to fit it into the masterful background that we call northern Michigan.

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[-}]Too Big for Boxes by Molly Grosvenor

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[-}]The Whaleback Project by the Leelanau Conservancy

[-}]By the Light of the Sun: An Island People by Duncan Sprattmoran

[-}]By the Light of the Sun: Seventh Generation by Duncan Sprattmoran

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[-}]By the Light of the Sun: Current Dilemma by Duncan Sprattmoran

[-}]What the Next Generation Is Saying About Water Quality by Molly Grosvenor

[-}]Port Oneida by Andrew L. McFarlane

[-}]The Land: Photo

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