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April 9, 2008

The Grand Traverse Lighthouse

The Grand Traverse Lighthouse is located inside of the Leelanau State Park on the Lake Michigan shoreline at the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula. The lighthouse was occupied by the U.S. Coast Guard from 1941 until it was closed in 1972. It has since been restored to resemble the keeper's house of the 1920's and 1930's. The Lighthouse and Fog Signal Building both have exhibits on the maritime history of the area.

Cool things to do: check out the exhibits on shipwrecks and local history. Climb the tower and look at Lake Michigan and the northern Leelanau Peninsula. Listen to the restored air diaphone foghorn every Saturday. There are 8 1/2 miles of hiking and skiing trails, with picnic areas and a scenic overlook. There is alot do here.
There is also the Volunteer Lighthouse Keeper Program at The Grand Traverse Lighthouse which provides the perfect opportunity for people who love lighthouses. From April through December, you can spend one or two rewarding weeks staying in the lighthouse as a lighthouse keeper.


  1. Good afternoon-

    I wanted to find out if there was someone I could email in regards to seeking more information about Michigan's many lighthouses? We are in the process of finding a lighthouse to renovate as part of a campaign. Thanks! Have a great day!

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    Comment by Julie — April 9, 2008 @ 1:19 pm

  2. Good afternoon, Julie.

    Here are some links you may want to check out, pursuant to your posted comment.


    Hope this helps your campaign projects.

    - Luke

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    Comment by Luke — April 9, 2008 @ 3:53 pm

  3. Is it possible to rent the Grand Traverse Lighthouse for vacations?

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    Comment by Sam Hunwick — August 15, 2008 @ 7:36 pm

  4. Not that I know of, but you can become a volunteer keeper for 1 or two weeks at a time. The link is on this page, but I will see if I can post it here as well. http://www.leelanau.com/blog/grand-traverse-lighthouse-seeks-keepers-for-2007/

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    Comment by OUTSIDER — August 18, 2008 @ 10:07 am

  5. a beautiful sight!

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    Comment by bonnie — August 27, 2008 @ 3:20 am

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