Thus, I relent. While riding my rollers a couple of days ago, I was watching The Simpsons. In the semi-oxygen starved state of my mind induced by sets of intervals, I was concentrating extremely hard on a monologue being delivered by Bart. Of course I can't remember what he was saying, but what I noticed were his eyes. While he was speaking, Bart's eyes were flicking here and there, as if he was looking at cue cards. He couldn't have been looking at cue cards due to the all important fact that he's a cartoon. The staggering philisophical conclusion I drew from Bart's actions that hit me like a Ford Fairlane without brakes was that if cartoon characters could flick their eyes here and there without looking at cue cards - but just because it was in their cartoon minds to do so... human characters that did the same with their eyes might simply be doing so because they wanted to. Any actors that ever did, do, or will do this little eye thing suddenly gained instant credibility. I mean this idea hit me so hard I had to declare the credibility to those human characters retroactive. Who ever thought cartoons would shed even more realistic light on such excellent and already believable shows like 90210? Don't tell me bike riding only exercises the body. O.K. back to the main subject.