Fall Issue: 2000
[Northern Michigan Journal FALL 2000 ISSUE]
September 25th, 2000
Photos from Leelanau by Ken Scott

Looking Down by Mark Smith

An Old Schoolhouse by Tom Paré

Double Moon by Roger Pao

Mystery Images: Glass Plate Negatives from The Leelanau Historical Museum Archive

A Life Half Lived by Chuck Sams

Behind the Line: Talking with Jim Milliman by Andrew L. McFarlane
Fall Issue: 1999
[Northern Michigan Journal FALL 1999 ISSUE]
September 26, 1999
Leaves of Autumn by Scott Schopieray

The Passing of an Era by Mark Smith

The Java Tour

Ring of Kerry by James Mitchell

Book Review: Discovering Beaver Island

Our Backyard by Brian Price

How the Storm Keeps Me Warm by John Gregory
Fall Issue: 1998
[Northern Michigan Journal FALL 1998 ISSUE]
September 8, 1998
Big Two-Hearted River by Doug Tanoury

Remission by Mark Smith

Last Day by Jerry Dennis

Coffee in Situ by Larry D. Griffin

Garlic by Andrew L. McFarlane

Beaver Island's Outdoor Sculpture Gallery by Jeff J. Cashman

A South Manitou Journey by Tom Oswald

Ripening by Duncan Sprattmoran
Fall Issue: 1997
[NMJ: Fall Seasonal Edition]
September-November 1997
Falling by Jim Rink

Review of Lynne Rae Perkins' Clouds For Dinner by Mark Smith

Autumn Color Tour from the Virtual Roadtrip by Bill Schwab

Antique Apples by Andrew L. McFarlane

Bitter Fruit by Andrew L. McFarlane

The Leelanau Furniture Show

Leelanau Voices: Our History in Person

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