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Cherry Soda PopTwo summers ago Cherry Republic began to look into cherry beverages and found out that while cherry was one of the fastest-growing flavors, no one was bringing any great cherry drinks to market. So, our search for the best soda pop (we call it "pop" here in Michigan, but some of you call it "soda," so we compromise and use the full name) began! Meanwhile, we also worked on cherry juice and cherry iced tea.

Exhaustive testing and research led to the development of BoomChuggaLugga Cherries(tm) Soda Pop, with 8% cherry juice. Cherry juice in a soda pop? Exactly! The big beverage companies don't use natural ingredients like juice because of expense, but we know that there are plenty of people who will pay the nominal difference for a superior product. BoomChuggaLugga Cherries(tm) Soda Pop is all natural, and is available in our soda fountain at the Cherry Republic World Headquarters in Glen Arbor, and in long-neck bottles at the store, through mail order (800/206-6949); or on our website,

Come visit Cherry Republic, have a soda pop, juice, ice cream, chocolate-covered dried cherry, or any of 100 other cherry products. Remember our motto: Life, Liberty, Beaches & Pie!


Amon Orchards - Unique and Orignial Cherry Products
Orchard Tours, Recipes and many cherry products in Acme, Michigan.

Benjamin Twiggs: Legendary Cherry Products
Benjamin Twiggs has been satisfying fussy food lovers with delicious gourmet cherry foods for over 32 years.

Brownwood Acres Famous Cherry Products
America's # 1 Supplier of Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate and Wild Blueberry Juice Concentrate to the Consumer, Retail, Grocery, Natural Food and Health Trade.

Cerise Nutraceuticals, LC - Natural Products That Help You Maintain Your Natural Comfort Zone
Ceriseª Nutraceuticals is committed to creating and offering affordable, high quality, life enhancing, natural products from cherries and kalaya oil that will contribute to the health, wellbeing, and quality of life of individuals of all ages.

Cherry Home Companion: A Cherry Cookbook
Cherry blossoms filled the surrounding country side and inspired veteran food journalist Patty LaNoue Stearns to take a gourmet's look at cooking with cherries. Cherry Home Companion is a delightful collection from many restaurants and food writers around the country.

Cherry Pit Store
Cherry pits in microwave heating pads used for releif of backache, sore muscles, arthritis, etc. Also used as filler for a variety of other crafts.

Cherry Republic / Dried Cherries - Chocolate Cherries - Cherry Products
Located in Glen Arbor, Cherry Republic is cherries!

The Cherry STOP
The Cherry Stop brings you the best cherry products we can find, including Premium Dried Cherries, and other cherry-themed products. We offer our own line of jams, jellies, preserves, and cherry condiments.

Graceland Fruit Cooperative
Extraordinary Cherry Ingredients for Dairy, Baked Goods and Cereals

Grand Traverse Pie Company
Handmade Fruit Pies and Preserves from the Cherry Capital, Traverse City, Michigan.

Gray & Company's
The world's largest maraschino cherry company, because it's gotta have a cherry on top!

Leelanau Fruit Company
Quality fruit processors specializing in processing frozen strawberries, cherries, plums and brine cherries. Also sell many fine products!

Leland Cherry Company
Offers the finest Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate and other Cherry Products including jams, sauces and dried cherries.

Ray Pleva's Products - Plevalean and other cherry-enhanced meats
Discover the information on cherry-enhanced meat products created and developed by Ray Pleva.

Pleva's Meat Market - Specialty Meat Enhanced With Cherries
Award winning Plevalean hamburger "cherry burger," and Award winning cherry pecan sausages, plus a full line of high quality meats including beef jerky, hot dogs, bratwurst, pickled bologna and snack sticks your family will enjoy!

Sleeping Bear Orchards
Enjoy delicious organic products and fresh fruits and vegetables from Sleeping Bear Orchards. Located in Empire, Michigan, Sleeping Bear Orchards is owned by Bill Casier. Bill has apple, cherry and peach orchards (yes, he & trusty dog, Dakota, are very busy guys!).

South Ridge Farms
Gourmet fruit products, specializing in cherries.

Sunrise Dried Fruit Company
Located in beautiful Northern Michigan - the Leelanau Peninsula is well suited for growing fruit and we'd like to share it with you!

Tom's Mom's Cookies
They make cookies from scratch each day using no preservatives or additives, but lots of dried cherries!

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