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January 9, 2015

Stormin' Norman!

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Leland Harbor makes an appearance on today's Michigan in Pictures!

Stormin Norman

Stormin' Norman, photo by Fishtown Leland

Here's a shot an iced-in fishing tug in the Leland Harbor. It was taken yesterday before the latest storm rolled through. Gonna be a while before fresh fish is available!!

View this photo by Fishtown Preservation background bigtacular, see more on their Facebook page and learn about this organization and their mission at fishtownmi.org.

There's more boats and more winter wallpaper on Michigan in Pictures.

PS: If you want a look at (or share) pics of the storm impacts across Michigan, mLive is calling for folks to share their photos. Of course you can also share them on the Michigan in Pictures Facebook or by tweeting @michpics!


October 23, 2014

The Bear of the Sleeping Bear Dunes

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via today's Michigan in Pictures...

Glen Haven MI Sleeping Bear Dunes Empire and Glen Haven Marked RPPC Kodak Stampbox Unsent what looks like a hump of low scrub bushes is actually a forest hill buried in sand

Glen Haven MI Sleeping Bear Dunes, photo by Don…The UpNorth Memories Guy… Harrison

Tuesday was the 44th anniversary of the founding of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. You may have heard the Chippewa tale that inspired the name of the park:

“Long ago, along the Wisconsin shoreline, a mother bear and her two cubs were driven into Lake Michigan by a raging forest fire. The bears swam for many hours, but eventually the cubs tried and lagged behind. Mother bear reached the shore and climbed to the top of a high bluff to watch and wait for her cubs. Too tired to continue, the cubs drowned within sight of the shore. The Great Spirit Manitou created two islands to mark the spot where the cubs disappeared and then created a solitary dune to represent the faithful mother bear”.

You might not be aware, however, that “the Bear” was also an actual formation atop a dune about a mile north of the Pierce Stocking Overlook. The Lakeshore says that the formation pictured above…

…hardly looks like a bear now, for it has been changing rapidly in recent years. At the turn of the century, it was a round knob completely covered with trees and shrubs. You can still see some of the thick vegetation that gave it a dark shaggy appearance.

…For a long time, the Sleeping Bear Dune stood at about 234 feet high with a dense plant cover. However, through most of the twentieth century, erosion has prevailed. By 1961, the dune was only 132 feet high, and by 1980, it was down to 103 feet. The process is a continuing one. The major cause of the dune’s erosion was wave action wearing away the base of the plateau on which the dune rests. As the west side of the dune loses its support, it cascades down the hill. The wind, too, is a major agent of erosion, removing sand and destroying the dune’s plant cover.

You can see what the area looks like now and read more right here.

View Don’t photo background bigtacular and get daily blasts from the past in his Northern Michigan Photo Postcards – Our History and Heritage groupon Facebook!

October 6, 2014

Leelanau Peninsula Color Tour with Ken Scott

Color Tour ... Leelanau!
Color Tour ... Leelanau! by Ken Scott

Here's a cool tour provided by Traverse City Tourism and featuring some awesome photos by Ken Scott. It's important to note that while you can see some of these on the roads below, for others you have to veer off down side roads. Have some tips for Leelanau newbies of your favorite color tour drives in Leelanau? Share them in the comments below!

You can see more Traverse City area color tour loops and head over to Ken Scott Photography to put a little Leelanau Fall on your wall and DEFINITELY follow Ken on Facebook!

Length: 75 miles (105 miles with optional loop)

It's hard to find another place in all Michigan where so much beautiful scenery, so many lovely villages and so much fascinating history are packed into such a small area. This tour will take you to the very tip of this scenic peninsula through the villages of Suttons Bay, Northport and Leland. And if that's not enough, we've added an optional visit to Glen Arbor and the magnificent Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Take M-22 north from Traverse City along the shore of West Bay to Cherry Bend Road, where a left turn will take you to the foot of the TimberLee Hills; turn right here and head north on County Road 633, a lovely rural road that leads through beautiful upland country to the village of Suttons Bay.

Color Tour ... sunset washed vineyard
Color Tour ... sunset washed vineyard by Ken Scott

Here you'll rejoin M-22 and continue north along the shore through the villages of Peshawbestown (home to the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians) Omena and Northport. From Northport, continue north to the tip of the peninsula and visit Leelanau State Park and the Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum.

Lighthouse West Natural Area ... to the right
Lighthouse West Natural Area ... to the right by Ken Scott

Returning to Northport, take M-22 west to the charming fishing port of Leland. Beyond Leland, you'll skirt the western shore of Lake Leelanau for a mile or so and turn left onto County Road 204 which leads to the inland village of Lake Leelanau.

Color Tour ... along M204
Color Tour ... along M204 by Ken Scott

Turn right here, just before the bridge, onto County Road 643 which follows a very scenic route along the lake and eventually takes you to the picturesque Polish-American town of Cedar. Continue south from Cedar on County Road 651 to M-72, turn left, and follow the highway back for a spectacular return to Traverse City.

Optional Sleeping Bear Dunes & South Leelanau Loop

Color Tour ... Dechow Farm, in the rain
Color Tour ... Dechow Farm, in the rain by Ken Scott

After leaving Leland, continue south on M-22 along the Lake Michigan shoreline and through the eastern section of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore to the village of Glen Arbor. Continue through the village on what is now called M-109, past the ghost port of Glen Haven and the famous Dune Climb and take the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive (permit required) which offers splendid views of the surrounding lake and dune country.

Color Tour ... covered bridge
Color Tour ... covered bridge by Ken Scott

Turn right when leaving the scenic drive and go for about a mile to County Road 616, where you make a left turn and head along the southern shore of the two Glen Lakes. Just past the lakes the road climbs steeply; at its top is an excellent viewpoint called Inspiration Point. Continue eastward through the villages of Maple City and Cedar. In Cedar, take a right turn onto County Road 651 and follow it south to M-72, where a left turn will bring you back to Traverse City.

Leelanau ... fall
Leelanau ... fall by Ken Scott

October 2, 2014

2014 Fall Color in Leelanau County, the Sleeping Bear Dunes & Traverse City, Michigan

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Color Tour ... Inspiration Point
Color Tour ... Inspiration Point by Ken Scott

See the comments for color updates and add your own!

Scenic drive Sleeping Bear Dunes by creed_400

Scenic drive Sleeping Bear Dunes by creed_400

Fall color season is a great time to visit the Leelanau Peninsula. Our roadsides are lined with maple and oak and while the hillsides catch fire in late September of every year, the pace slows down and gives visitors a little more elbow room to slow down and enjoy it all. Here's a few of our favorite fall features and websites...

M-22 Barn by Stacy Niedzwiecki

M-22 Barn by Stacy Niedzwiecki

Over at Michigan.org their fall color tour for Leelanau/Traverse City/Benzie features Leelanau:

"Land of Delight" is the English translation of the Indian wood "leelanau," and it's easy to understand the reason for so naming the Leelanau Peninsula, especially in fall. Circling the perimeter of the place many call Michigan's "little finger" is a color tour that has been popular for decades. An easy and interesting route, M-22 takes you along the shoreline through the quaint villages of Suttons Bay, Peshasbestown, Omena and Northport, with water views almost the entire way. North of Suttons Bay the sign reads: Northport 12 miles. Northport, situated near the tip of Leelanau Peninsula, overlooking Grand Traverse Bay, is a picture-perfect town, with a marina, waterfront, unique shops, galleries and restaurants.

Each port town has its own unique charm, and each is a perfect place for shopping, dining, trying your luck at the casino or just breathing the crisp fall air. Tour the Grand Traverse Lighthouse, a living museum. Along the western coast, Leland and Glen Arbor offer still more options, and spectacular autumn color can be expected in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, a 71,000-acre national park that includes 35 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline. Go barefoot "one last time" when you encounter the massive sand dunes and stunning sunset beaches.

According to the National Park Service, many of the best spots for viewing fall colors at Sleeping Bear are easily reached by car or by a brief hike. The park's popular Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive, for instance, gives motorists a bird's-eye view of areas like Alligator Hill, where brilliant fall foliage is set off by Glen Lake's tropical shades of turquoise, jade and cobalt blue.

Get more at puremichigan.org and add your own color touring tips below!


June 11, 2014

Ken Scott's Ice Caves of Leelanau Book

Filed under: beach,lake michigan,Leelanau,michigan,news,photo,video,winter — Andrew McFarlane @ 8:48 am

Lake Michigan ... ice cave sunset
Lake Michigan ... ice cave sunset, photo by Ken Scott

Last winter some incredible ice formations piled up off Gills Pier. Leelanau photographer Ken Scott spent a lot of time photographing them and has published a book, Ice Caves of Leelanau. It features some of his best shots and essays by local author Jerry Dennis. Right now his books are mostly sold out (reprint coming in July) but you might be able to sweet talk one out of Ken - email him here.

You can also catch Ken's talk on the ice caves tomorrow from 4-6 PM at the Leland Township Library.

View the photo bigger on Flickr, see more in his Lake Michigan Ice & Caves slideshow and head over to kenscottphotography.com for some videos including the one below!

May 30, 2014

Blossoms & Bees – Cherry blossoms STILL out on the Leelanau Peninsula!

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Via today's Michigan in Pictures - Leelanau's cherry orchards are still in bloom!

Bees and Blossoms by 45th parallel exposure

Blossoms & Bees, photo by Lee Lynn Awe

View Lee Lynn's photo background bigtacular and see more in her slideshow.

May 19, 2014

Pick your pleasure: Cherry Blossoms & Morels are out in Leelanau!

Filed under: cherries,farms,food,Leelanau,michigan,news,outdoors,photo,spring — Andrew McFarlane @ 6:52 am

Here's your spring report via the eatdrinkTC Instagram...

Blossom Time on the Leelanau Peninsula

Morels have been out for a week or so, and over the weekend they were joined by cherry blossoms. Both will be in full force all week and next weekend so if you've been considering a spring jaunt on the Leelanau Peninsula, now is the time!

Morel Heart

April 13, 2014

Watch the Lunar Eclipse in the Sleeping Bear Dunes!

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Lunar-EclipseIn the early morning of Tuesday, April 15th, there will be a Star Party at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Via the Glen Arbor Sun:

As darkness falls on Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, the glorious night sky becomes visible. A four-hour lunar eclipse is the feature for the National Lakeshore’s first Star Party of the year. This unique program will take place during the early morning of Tuesday, April 15, from 1:30-5:30 a.m., at the Dune Climb. Participants are asked to park in the row furthest from the dunes facing M-109. This Star Party could be cancelled during inclement weather; the decision is usually made a few hours in advance. Please call Park Rangers at 231-326-4700, ext. 5005, for a voicemail message with the decision.

All Star Parties are free. Participants need only purchase the Park Entrance Pass or have an Annual Pass displayed in their vehicle to join in the fun. Kids of all ages can participate in the Night Sky Junior Ranger Program

And from Michigan in Pictures, this eclipse kicks off a a four eclipse tetrad - four straight total eclipses (last one on September 28, 2015) with no partial eclipses in between! The four eclipses are this one, October 8 2014 and April 4 & September 28, 2015. Here’s the eclipse viewing times for Michigan – times for other time zones can be found on EarthSky.

The April 15th eclipse begins at 2 AM Eastern time when the edge of the moon first enters the amber core of Earth’s shadow. Totality occurs during a 78 minute interval beginning around 3 o’clock in the morning on the east coast, midnight on the west coast. Weather permitting, the red moon will be easy to see across the entirety of North America.

Eastern Daylight Time (April 15, 2014)
Partial umbral eclipse begins: 1:58 a.m. EDT on April 15
Total eclipse begins: 3:07 a.m. EDT
Greatest eclipse: 3:46 a.m. EDT
Total eclipse ends: 4:25 a.m. EDT
Partial eclipse ends: 5:33 a.m. EDT

April 8, 2014

Talk About Art with Ken Scott and the Glen Arbor Art Association

Filed under: art,glen arbor,Leelanau,michigan,news,outdoors,photo — Andrew McFarlane @ 1:25 pm

Lake Michigan ... Earth Hour
Lake Michigan ... Earth Hour by Ken Scott

The Glen Arbor Art Association's Talk About Art continues with the words and iconic images of Leelanau County photographer Ken Scott this Thursday, April 10, 7:30 p.m. at the GAAA in Glen Arbor.

In addition to regular appearances on Leelanau.com, Ken’s work is seen weekly in The Leelanau Enterprise “Back Page" and on his own Ken Scott Photography Facebook. Ken is a self-taught photographer who has practiced his craft for 20-plus years and published five collections of images depicting Leelanau County and other northern Michigan places.

“Talk About Art” is a project of the GAAA. Presentations are open to the public without charge. No reservations required.

March 28, 2014

Root Cellar Revival Harvest Dinner at Black Star Farms

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A little Leelanau deliciousness via our eatdrinkTC sister site...

Root Cellar Revival by Black Star Farms

eatdrinkTC is a culinary guide to Traverse City and the surrounding area. Every month we do our free eatdrinkTC Photo Contest that features a food/drink related prize. You can amazing wine & food pairing dinner, Bowers Harbor Vineyards' 2896 Vertical Dinner on Saturday May 17! It's a $200 value and totally free & easy to enter your photo on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

Chef Jonathan Dayton of Black Star Farms snapped this photo for their upcoming Harvest Dinner on Wednesday, April 9th. The dinner is themed "Root Cellar Revival" and while the menu for these always depends on availability, here's what Jon is thinking...

  • Beet – roasted red and yellow beets, almond tuile, fromage blanc mousse, beet verjus vinaigrette, pea shoots
  • Celeriac – celeriac gnocchi, arugula cream, pancetta lardons, celeriac crumble
  • Parsnip – vanilla bean parsnip puree, pan seared breast of duck, parsley oil, parsnip crisps, swiss chard
  • Potato – potato sage mousseline, sweet potato gratin, grilled lamb tenderloin, fingerling confit, demi
  • Carrot – carrot ice cream, candied ginger, pine nut brittle, carrot caramel

I had a chance to attend their last dinner. The theme was "Goose & Turnip" and Jon, Stephanie and the crew did a spectacular job - photos right here!

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