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April 13, 2014

Watch the Lunar Eclipse in the Sleeping Bear Dunes!

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Lunar-EclipseIn the early morning of Tuesday, April 15th, there will be a Star Party at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Via the Glen Arbor Sun:

As darkness falls on Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, the glorious night sky becomes visible. A four-hour lunar eclipse is the feature for the National Lakeshore’s first Star Party of the year. This unique program will take place during the early morning of Tuesday, April 15, from 1:30-5:30 a.m., at the Dune Climb. Participants are asked to park in the row furthest from the dunes facing M-109. This Star Party could be cancelled during inclement weather; the decision is usually made a few hours in advance. Please call Park Rangers at 231-326-4700, ext. 5005, for a voicemail message with the decision.

All Star Parties are free. Participants need only purchase the Park Entrance Pass or have an Annual Pass displayed in their vehicle to join in the fun. Kids of all ages can participate in the Night Sky Junior Ranger Program

And from Michigan in Pictures, this eclipse kicks off a a four eclipse tetrad - four straight total eclipses (last one on September 28, 2015) with no partial eclipses in between! The four eclipses are this one, October 8 2014 and April 4 & September 28, 2015. Here’s the eclipse viewing times for Michigan – times for other time zones can be found on EarthSky.

The April 15th eclipse begins at 2 AM Eastern time when the edge of the moon first enters the amber core of Earth’s shadow. Totality occurs during a 78 minute interval beginning around 3 o’clock in the morning on the east coast, midnight on the west coast. Weather permitting, the red moon will be easy to see across the entirety of North America.

Eastern Daylight Time (April 15, 2014)
Partial umbral eclipse begins: 1:58 a.m. EDT on April 15
Total eclipse begins: 3:07 a.m. EDT
Greatest eclipse: 3:46 a.m. EDT
Total eclipse ends: 4:25 a.m. EDT
Partial eclipse ends: 5:33 a.m. EDT

April 8, 2014

Talk About Art with Ken Scott and the Glen Arbor Art Association

Filed under: art,glen arbor,Leelanau,michigan,news,outdoors,photo — Andrew McFarlane @ 1:25 pm

Lake Michigan ... Earth Hour
Lake Michigan ... Earth Hour by Ken Scott

The Glen Arbor Art Association's Talk About Art continues with the words and iconic images of Leelanau County photographer Ken Scott this Thursday, April 10, 7:30 p.m. at the GAAA in Glen Arbor.

In addition to regular appearances on Leelanau.com, Ken’s work is seen weekly in The Leelanau Enterprise “Back Page" and on his own Ken Scott Photography Facebook. Ken is a self-taught photographer who has practiced his craft for 20-plus years and published five collections of images depicting Leelanau County and other northern Michigan places.

“Talk About Art” is a project of the GAAA. Presentations are open to the public without charge. No reservations required.

March 28, 2014

Root Cellar Revival Harvest Dinner at Black Star Farms

Filed under: farms,food,Food & Dining,Leelanau,michigan,photo,suttons bay — Andrew McFarlane @ 9:21 am

A little Leelanau deliciousness via our eatdrinkTC sister site...

Root Cellar Revival by Black Star Farms

eatdrinkTC is a culinary guide to Traverse City and the surrounding area. Every month we do our free eatdrinkTC Photo Contest that features a food/drink related prize. You can amazing wine & food pairing dinner, Bowers Harbor Vineyards' 2896 Vertical Dinner on Saturday May 17! It's a $200 value and totally free & easy to enter your photo on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

Chef Jonathan Dayton of Black Star Farms snapped this photo for their upcoming Harvest Dinner on Wednesday, April 9th. The dinner is themed "Root Cellar Revival" and while the menu for these always depends on availability, here's what Jon is thinking...

  • Beet – roasted red and yellow beets, almond tuile, fromage blanc mousse, beet verjus vinaigrette, pea shoots
  • Celeriac – celeriac gnocchi, arugula cream, pancetta lardons, celeriac crumble
  • Parsnip – vanilla bean parsnip puree, pan seared breast of duck, parsley oil, parsnip crisps, swiss chard
  • Potato – potato sage mousseline, sweet potato gratin, grilled lamb tenderloin, fingerling confit, demi
  • Carrot – carrot ice cream, candied ginger, pine nut brittle, carrot caramel

I had a chance to attend their last dinner. The theme was "Goose & Turnip" and Jon, Stephanie and the crew did a spectacular job - photos right here!

January 10, 2014

Lake Michigan Ice Balls on the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Filed under: beach,lake michigan,Leelanau,michigan,news,photo,sleepingbeardunes,video,winter — Andrew McFarlane @ 1:14 pm

The hits just keep on coming from Ken Scott of Ken Scott Photography. Via today's Michigan in Pictures...

You may recall the Lake Michigan ice balls that was seen at the Sleeping Bear Dunes lakeshore last March.  Well, they’re baaaaack. Here’s the explanation of how balls ice form that I  put together from AIR PHOTO INTERPRETATION OF GREAT LAKES ICE FEATURES by Ernest W. Marshal & Frazil ice at Wikipedia:

Ball ice consists of roughly spherical masses of slush and frazil ice that accrete in turbulent water. Frazil ice is a collection of loose, randomly oriented needle-shaped ice crystals that form in open, turbulent, supercooled water. Lumps that form in the less turbulent zones are typically flattened discs, while those formed in the extremely turbulent zone near the shoreline ice where wave action is strongest form into spheres.

The author explains that ball ice is a feature common to all of the Great Lakes and can occur at any time during the winter where water turbulence breaks up a slush layer. You can read more about this in Great Lakes Ice Features.

View Ken’s photo bigger, check them out in his ice balls slideshow and see this shot with Ken in it for a sense of the scale.

Here's a great video of the iceball action via Glen Arbor Artisans!

January 8, 2014

Northern Lights are likely TONIGHT!

Filed under: lake leelanau,Leelanau,michigan,news,outdoors,photo — Andrew McFarlane @ 10:35 am

Aurora Borealis ... over 'the Narrows'

Aurora Borealis ... over 'the Narrows' by Ken Scott

via the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center:

CME on the way...Want to see the Northern Lights?

We have completed initial analysis of the CME associated with today's X1 (NOAA Scale - R3) solar flare from Region 1944 (center disk) and have developed a forecast for a geoeffective event. Despite the CME not coming directly at Earth, a partial impact to the magnetic field that protects Earth is expected and a resulting geomagnetic storm as high as G3 (strong) levels is forecast to begin early to midday (UTC) on Thursday, 9 January (just after midnight to early morning hours EST).

It looks like we will have clearing late so you might want to set a 5 AM alarm! They also say that Friday night there's a chance of aurora if we get clouded out! More aurora info at Space Weather.

You can view Ken's photo bigger on Flickr and also check out an awesome time lapse from the October 2013 Northern Lights below!

November 22, 2013

Suttons Bay Floatilla in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Filed under: boats,Community,lake michigan,Leelanau,michigan,news,photo,suttons bay — Andrew McFarlane @ 8:09 am

Suttons Bay Foatilla

Suttons Bay Floatilla 2 by Flying Still Photography

Interlochen Public Radio reports:

The Guinness Book of World Records confirmed Wednesday that Suttons Bay broke a record with Floatilla2. The August 31st event corralled 2,099 canoes and kayaks together on the bay creating a massive, multi-colored flotilla.

Organizer Kate Thornhill estimates the effort raised about $45,000 dollars for student programs in the cash-strapped local school district. She says she now hopes to boost the bottom line with sales of world record memorabilia.

The 2013 effort gains the record, despite a close call with disqualification. At the moment of the official count, a power boat got caught too close to the raft and winds pushed it into the Flotilla.

The raft needed to float freely in the water, tied together for at least 30 seconds to set the record. It could not be touching the power boat.

Thornhill says the world record was salvaged with proof from a high-definition video shot from an unmanned aircraft, proof they wouldn’t have had a year earlier.

Click here to listen to IPR's interview with Kate Thornhill and congratulations to Suttons Bay! You can get lots more info and commemorative gear from the Suttons Bay Floatilla Facebook.

We don't have the aerial video to share, but here's Elijah Allen's video from Floatilla 2:

November 11, 2013

Winter 2014 has arrived!

Filed under: lake leelanau,Leelanau,michigan,news,outdoors,photo,winter — Andrew McFarlane @ 6:53 pm

Harrys Blizzard

"Fangs" (2008) by Harry Thomas

There's a Lake Effect Snow Warning in effect until noon EST Tuesday for heavy snow squalls after 9 PM and total snowfall amounts of 6 to 12 inches of snow possible through midday tomorrow.


Worst. October. Ever.

via today's Michigan in Pictures.

View of Manitou Islands from Sleeping Bear Dunes

View of Manitou Islands from Sleeping Bear Dunes, photo by jess_clifton

Last week's Leelanau Enterprise is reporting that October 2013 had the lowest number of Sleeping Bear Dunes visitors in a decade - an impressive testimony to the impact of our recent government shutdown. You'll be able to read the article in a month ... when it's no longer news I guess.

Jess took this from the Pierce Stocking Drive a week ago. Check it out background bigtacular and see more in her Sleeping Bear Dunes slideshow.

October 1, 2013

Northern Lights possible Wednesday & Thursday nights!

Filed under: Leelanau,michigan,news,northport,outdoors,photo — Andrew McFarlane @ 12:55 pm

There was a light dance show tonight ... and mosquitos!
There was a light dance show tonight ... and mosquitos! by Ken Scott

The latest forecast via the NOAA NWS Space Weather Prediction Center:

A filament eruption and associated low-level solar flare occurred late Sunday afternoon, producing a S2 (Moderate) solar radiation storm which remains in progress at this time. The eruption resulted in a partially Earth-directed coronal mass ejection (CME). As a result, G1 (Minor) geomagnetic storming is expected to commence mid-day on October 2nd with G2 (Moderate) expected on the 3rd, a slight upward revision from initial estimates. No further activity is expected at this time given the lack of substantial sunspots, but stay tuned for updates as this event unfolds.

Translation: Northern lights are possible Wednesday night and more likely Thursday night!!

Ken Scott has a lot of photographic gifts, but taking photos of the aurora borealis has to be near the top! See what I mean in his Northern Lights slideshow and purchase beautiful photos at kenscottphotography.com!

August 15, 2013

Steamer Leelanau explosion, August 1908

Filed under: boats,history,lake leelanau,Leelanau,leland,michigan,news,photo — Andrew McFarlane @ 12:28 pm

On August 15th or 16th, 1908, the passenger steamer Leelanau that serviced North & South Lake Leelanau exploded. It merited a brief article in the New York Times that you can see right here (also see this account from the Aug 17 Eaton Free Press with a different take). You can click the pic for a larger view and read the transcription via GenDisasters below:

AUGUST 17, 1908 - Mrs. Isabel La Bonte (New York City) of this city was killed and a score of passengers were injured to-day by the explosion of the boiler of the passenger steamer Leelanau, bound from Leland to Fouch, on Carp Lake, in the Northern Michigan resort district. Among the passengers were a number of visitors from other States, but the list of casualties contains only the names of Michigan people.

The little steamer was plowing down the narrow lake with a steam pressure of eighty pounds, trying to make up the time that had been lost on the earlier stages of the trip. As she was passing Bingh (Bingham) the engineer discovered a loose bolt in the engine, and shut off the steam to remedy the defect.

It was while he was working at the loose bolt that the explosion occurred, tearing off the top of the engine and demolishing the pilot house and the forward upper works of the steamer, but leaving Engineer Edward Hardy unscathed by the havoc that swept before him.

John Hartung, who was at the wheel, was probably fatally injured. Many were thrown into the water and clung to wreckage until rescued by farmers living along the shore, although some were able to swim to shore.

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